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As our customer, we know how valuable your time is to you, so it’s important to us.  We know that you want to start to your boating fun sooner, and to make that happen, we offer a personalized and streamlined process.  Our specialized team of marine finance professionals are ready to answer your questions and assist by email or phone.

In addition to providing competitive products and rates, we will take care of everything for you!  From working with your dealer or broker, to assisting you with all the documentation requirements, we have the expertise to ensure smooth sailing through the entire process from application to closing.

We offer financing for new and used boats for pleasure use, limited and full-time charter programs, USCG and BVI registries, powerboats, sailboats, catamarans, and certain specialty products.

Give us a call or email today.  We are happy to answer your questions and excited to help you live your dream!

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A message from the President

Throughout its history, Shore Premier Finance has made the customer experience its top priority.  As a part of the Centennial Bank family, Shore Premier Finance has aligned itself with a long-term partner that shares its commitment to customer service, leveraging technology, and crafting tailored, custom financial solutions for dealers and pleasure boat owners.  The team works collaboratively every day to apply their expertise and good nature in exceeding customer expectations with thoughtful decisions and prompt turnaround.

Team Bios:

John Marshall

John Marshall has led the Shore Premier Finance team since 2015 having previously served in various credit, risk, and lending executive positions across regional and national banks.  John is focused on developing people and assembling a marine finance team that shares his passion for building business environments that consistently deliver an excellent customer experience and creative, tailored product solutions for boat manufacturers, dealers, brokers, and buyers.

Scott Walter

Scott Walter is the Chief Operating Officer of Shore Premier Finance and brings almost twenty years of banking and operational expertise to the company.  With a background in commercial and consumer credit analysis, portfolio and risk management, operations, audit, and internal and external reporting, he is focused each day on ensuring that SPF is equipped to provide world class service and that its customers experience the best that a lender can offer in making their dreams come true.

Jill Malo

Jill Malo has been with Shore Premier Finance for three years.  As a retail underwriter, Jill is able to build upon her years of loan processing and financial experience to provide a customer with the highest degree of service.  Her attention to detail, proficiency, and knowledge of the marine industry have made her a favorite of lenders and borrowers alike, and she takes great pride in being one of the faces of SPF for its customers.

Lauren Key

Lauren Key is the Manager of Retail Marine Finance for Shore Premier Finance.  She brings over a decade of experience in banking, including operations, underwriting, portfolio administration, and lending management.  Lauren has always been dedicated to providing an exemplary customer experience whether working with brokers, dealers or borrowers directly and is always willing to answer any questions and ensure smooth sailing ahead!

Howard Wessells

Howard Wessells is the Vice President of Commercial Marine Finance, specializing in inventory floor plan financing needs. He has over a decade of banking experience encompassing financial analysis, investments, portfolio management, business development, and commercial lending.  Shore Premier Finance has a unique integrated model, offering both consumer and commercial financing options. Howard uses that model and the technological capabilities of SPF to provide his customers with a broad array of services for their own customers and to continue the reputation of excellent service that Shore Premier Finance enjoys.

Kara Cournoyer

Kara Cournoyer is the Portfolio Manager for the Shore Premier Finance team, specializing in portfolio management, commercial credit underwriting, and superior client service. Kara brings over 15 years of knowledge in retail and commercial banking, asset based lending, and relationship management. She is dedicated to ensuring our commercial clients receive the highest level of service while helping them meet their financial goals.

Beth Goetz

Beth takes great pride in being the face of Shore Premier Finance to many of its retail customers. In her role as a Senior Loan Processor, Beth acts as a liaison between the company, borrower and documentation agents to ensure that the customer’s loan can close efficiently, quickly, and with minimal disruption in the process.

Katie Harris

Katie Harris is the Senior Loan Processor Team Lead of the Shore Premier Finance team. She brings over 19 years of banking experience which includes Operations and Loan Processing. She is dedicated to ensuring our customer closings are processed quickly and efficiently.

Amanda Tasker

Amanda is a Junior Underwriter for the Shore Premier Finance team. She has more than 20 years of experience in consumer finance, including underwriting, loan processing and ad legal services. She is dedicated to building relationships with our customers through exemplary service and meeting their financial needs.